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  • Research for suitable and sustainable raw materials  & packaging options

  • Recipe development & prototyping

  • Scaling prototype recipes onto industry level

  • Nutritional Analysis and Analysis on potential contaminants with exclusive partner labs

  • Connecting companies with universities and research institutes to generate R&D heavy products. 

Our Network

Our strong networks within the food industry allows us to provide various services and to also solve very complex problems for our clients from the food and beverage industry.

Product Development

Starting from finding the right raw and packaging material,  over to the prototyping and development of a fully functioning product, till setting up marketing and sales strategies for innovative food or beverage products.


We also work together with leading research institutes and universities on a regular basis to provide our customers with cutting edge solutions.  

Innovation Workshops

You already have experience in the field of product development,  but you  are not sure what product you should develop and release next?


Book an innovation workshop with us and let us work out together, what additional innovative product would fit to your brand, your business strategy and emerging consumer trends or how  you can tweak your current products to give it a new twist.

Law & Certifications

The regulations for food and beverages are very complex and can also differ a lot between various product categories.  We guide you  through the labyrinth of the different regulations and consult you on labelling, health claims and other legal issues, so your product will become ready for the retail shelf.


If needed, we can also support you in the application for different certifications, like the DE and EU-Bio label, the DLG label or the certificate to become a gluten free production.

Beyond Product development

As we are working together with partners from the whole food value chain, we can optimize all parts of your value and supply chain. Starting from the optimization of the purchasing of your raw-materials till the logistics of your final product.

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